About Me

      Welcome! My name is Christina Blake, but many know me as “Ceejay.” I am attending graduate school at the University of Houston for an MSW in Social Work. I spent four years living in Europe as an early ages educator, fulfilling my TEFL II and expert in bilingual education certificate with 900+ classroom hours.

         I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of North Florida. I volunteered in Alaska during my university career and fulfilled my internship in the Puerto Rican rainforest.

       After graduation, I moved to the Pacific Northwest, where I worked for Harley Davidson and various Musical Groups. I have toured extensively across the United States and Canada. As well as other destinations such as; Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, France, Ireland, and the U.K. Eventually lived and worked for a period in the Tuscany region of Italy before moving to Spain.