About Me

Welcome! My name is Christina Blake, but many know me as “Ceejay”.  I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of North Florida. My senior semester I was chosen to be the Account Executive for my capstone Campaigns class. Campaigns is a hands-on learning course in which students run a public relations campaign for an organization. My Campaigns class is working with the local public broadcasting station, WJCT the NPR/PBS affiliate, to help expand their audience reach. As account executive I oversee the operations of my class’ campaign. Before graduation I traveled around the United States. During my college career I also volunteered on a farm in Alaska and fulfilled my internship at a bed-and-breakfast secluded high in the Puerto Rican rainforest.

            After graduation I moved to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. where I worked for Harley Davidson and various musical groups. Between 2014-2016 I have traveled extensively across the United States as well as other  destinations such as; Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, Turkey, Italy, France, Ireland and the UK.

Currently moving to Barcelona, Spain Fall of 2016 for a job as a CAPS English Teaching Assistant.